A wiki site to detail all aspects of BYOND game development. (In production.) For starters, it is another place to access the DM reference ( on another medium. (Which can have extra information, making it better than the official reference.) I'm a novice with MediaWiki, but I am learning!

Future EndeavorsEdit

  • An article for every featured game.
  • An article for every undocumented feature.
  • The original DM Guide with amendments and updates to BYOND 4.0.
  • An article for the creators and most notable benefactors. (Dan, Tom, LummoxJR, maybe others.)
  • Articles for upcoming features. (For example, pixel movement and BIG objects.)
  • Articles for interesting competitions. (Such as PopLava, GiaD, 8K Challenge, etc.)
  • Many organized lists of useful things for BYOND Developers.
  • And more!

Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page Talk:DEBUG definition
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: I see that in order to use the debug definition throughout a project, I need to use #define DEBUG in every code file.  Is there a way to define this...