BYOND Environment This page contains an entry from the official DM Reference.

Areas are derived from /area. Regions on the map may be assigned to an area by painting it onto the map. Areas off the map serve as rooms that objects may enter and exit.

For each area type defined, one area object is created at runtime. So for areas on the map, all squares with the same area type belong to the same instance of the area.

Additional instances of rooms may be created from the same type by explicitly creating them with null as the initial location. That is, the first argument to new() should either be null or left unspecified.

The following example defines the area prototype /area/outside. It also defines an action to be taken when somebody enters an area, namely to display its description.


    if(desc) O << desc
    return ..()

    desc = "Ah!  A breath of fresh air!"

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